Risk Watch Systems provides software for managing occupational hazard and risk assessment tools. This project required a full survey creation, reporting and content management system as well as streaming video lectures and workforce training modules. The application has been placed in branch offices of some very high profile automotive and industrial companies. This application is in active development.


ORS began as a medical record storage and job duty qualification system for volunteer firefighters and has since become the foundation of our clients business operations. There are modules for payroll and scheduling, survey and qualification and general medical recordkeeping.


CPG is a customer relations (CRM) and business intelligence management application that is being written for the construction staffing and placement industry. This project specification began as a port of a legacy Microsoft based solution and has been converted to Ruby on Rails. The need was for a basic CRM that included all of the functionality of their original solution but with a large number of enhancements.


MeBTough is a survey system that provides input and reporting services for our client. Our NDA does not allow us to disclose the nature of the application in specific but the end result allows their users to take several surveys that are parsed and calculated to provide their customer with a detailed verbal and graphical report. This project is in active beta testing while they await funding.


We built a full scale Wallboard system which aggregated events from their telecommunications operations into a centralized databaes and then displayed data center systems states within a two second resolution for the benefit of their operations group.

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